Kamen & Co Group Services To Begin Offering Financial Reports To Media Entities Twice Annually

For Immediate Release: April 2, 2009


(Baldwin, N.Y.) – Kamen & Co Group Services, a leading provider of print, digital and broadcast media valuations today announced that the company will soon be offering a custom designed twice annually produced publishing financial report based on its popular 3.9 basic valuation program to all its clients who retain 2009/10 appraisals.

Kevin B. Kamen, President/CEO of Kamen & Co said, “We believe it is vital, particularly in these difficult times for the media trade, that we offer a comprehensive, publisher-friendly financial analysis report twice per year that will offer concise and relevant recommendations on how to improve the current business applications each client is utilizing. This additional report will allow us to make timely recommendations that can reduce costs for troubled publications and at the same time permit our team to closely monitor the financial status of each client over a six month period. Examining recent historical patterns is of significance and we believe it is a tactical methodology to turning the business side of a publishing company around. We want to help influence constructive change at all the publishing institutions we examine.”

Kamen continued, “It is our sincere hope that management would integrate our suggestions and identify the components that we acknowledge to be troubling and that necessary action be executed to help turn around failing newspapers and magazines.”